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ARNICA is a collection of intricate organic adornments that explore the space between physical & digital, material & particle, human & environment.


The Arnica jewelry collection includes rings, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, and buttons. Each object is made by combining 3D modeling and 3D printing with traditional metalsmithing, and is packaged in a custom box constructed as the negative space of the jewelry to seat it perfectly. Printed tags double as custom trading cards, unique to each piece. The symmetry and simplicity of the packaging imitates the circular symmetry of the jewelry.

Gilded jewelry tags double as Arnica business cards. For wrapping, abstract forms reminiscent of the jewelry’s geometry are patterned across ivory tissue paper, each mark unique across the 30 inch length of tissue.

Jewelry prototypes are 3D printed in white nylon before the final pieces are 3D printed in wax for mold making. The final jewelry pieces are crafted using lost wax casting. The yellow silicon molds pictured here can be used again and again.

We work with a very immersive and iterative process. Each piece is examined and interrogated, at multiple levels of details. Form is balanced by material qualities, each working together to produce an experience.

The project utilizes cutting edge technology (3D printing) in close coordination with traditional production techniques (lost wax casting) to find a hybrid--a new process of designing and making.

Photography by Laura Coombs

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