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Ash DeLorean

Faceted forms reveal interlocking space within through custom crafted unfolding doors.


We see New York City interiors as life-size dioramas for the unfolding of daily life. If you are lucky they even come with plate glass windows to connect with vicarious passersby and the occasional ray of sunshine. This unfolding condition inspired an investigation into polyhedral geometries as a direct interface to methods of fabrication from planar stock material as the basis for this design/build interior occupation.

The clients are jewelry and graphic designers who can interact with the design process on a level of form and composition that creates an exciting back and forth. They even helped with the final installation since they were so excited to see the diorama manifest in their reality. Designing and making things that add joy to people's daily lives is my main goal with architecture.

Every aspect of this project was designed, detailed, programmed, fabricated, assembled, finished, and installed by me during the summer of 2016. I rented CNC shop space while my friend took vacation and brought the geometry from the computer into the space in four weeks. The following experience charts that journey.

Photography: Chuck Driesler

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