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Blue Veil

Digital design computation and fabrication consulting.


We have collaborated with Ezra Ardolino of Timbur LLC on many projects over the years. We share a passion for making things and experimenting with technology and materials. We teamed up on this project to provide design and production services to RAW NYC in the design and construction of the SPARK office on Brynat Park.

Our services primarily focused on refining the initial tesselated design sketch for the interior wrapping by refining the spatial organization, ergonomics, material engineering, and constructability. We developed custom software and workflows to quickly iterate on design changes as the space was a fast track construction project with constant changes to layout and mechanical systems. Finally, we provided all fabrication setup and output for final production at Timbur's show in NJ.

The resulting interior landscape wraps through the open public territory of the office and sneaks into the private offices to provide an edgy continuous experience for the hip sound studio.

In collaboration with:

Fabrication: Timbur LLC

Design: RAW NYC

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