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Faceted Ceiling

Computation and digital fabrication consulting for a faceted Durabond ceiling on Wooster St. in SoHo.


Algorithmic folding and tessellation seems to be a thing we do. Perhaps this is due to the versatility of the geometry to form into complex shapes and site conditions. Oddly it is not an aesthetic pursuit, but an opportunity to learn varied and versatile ways of making. We teamed up with our old friends at Associated Fabrication to provide computational design and fabrication consulting on a light budget, short timeframe project to create this undulating ceiling in a SoHo lobby.

Our primary
responsibilities involved refining the design model and writing custom scripts to simulate the folding of the Alucabond paneling to accurately cut and assemble over 160 panels into the continuous flowing surface. We also managed several rounds of rapid prototyping and coordinated the delivery and installation with building staff and contractors. This was a great opportunity for us to refine the simulated connection between digital and physical material practice.

Role: Design Computation, Digital Fabrication, Prototyping, Project Mangement

Fabricator: Associated Fabrication

Brooklyn, NY

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