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Min Made Sandals

A hobby turned experiment into physical product design and identity development.


MinMade sandals are ultra-simple footwear made by hand and custom tailored to the wearer for an exquisite walking experience. Through a lengthy prototyping and development cycle, we have been able to generate enough sales to pay for the development of the project as a successful design experiment.

We designed and produced all aspects of the product identity in house, including: physical product, packaging material, identity package (business cards and product brochures), photography, and web site design/development.

Walking in MINs is like walking barefoot. Minimal and elegant by design, MINs are literally a second skin. Two soles, two laces, for your two feet.

MINs are made by hand in Brooklyn, NY.
We make each pair of MINs custom cut to the shape of your unique footprint. We use vegetable tanned leathers and recyclable nylon laces to make our sandals, and source only materials made in the U.S.A.

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