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Target IOT + Local Project

A showcase store for Target's entry into the internet of things market in 2015.


We operated as an in-house architectural design and fabrication consultant for New York-based exhibition and interactive design firm, Local Projects, on this exhibition. Building an acrylic house for narrative projections that tell the story of interconnected smart devices required significant architectural overhead in San Francisco. The building required an earthquake-resistant structure, an 'invisible' steel frame cantilevered from the concrete floor, and 30-minute fire and smoke rated custom cast acrylic panels. We worked with Associated Fabrication to cut all panels and manage the fast-paced design and production timeline between NYC and SF. I also served as engineering and construction oversight for the office since their in-house team doesn't have architectural experience, ensuring the extremely high tolerances between the steel and acrylic structures and finely calibrated projection systems.

Client: Local Project

New York, NY

Fabrication: Associated Fabrication

Brooklyn, NY

Design, Fabrication, Detailing, Construction Administration

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